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When a company car is made available for the private use of an employee a 'benefit in kind' (BIK) tax value is calculated in relation to the car.

On selection of manufacturer, model and variant, and taking into account your tax band and whether your employer pays for your private fuel, the calculator will determine the value of any BIK tax that you would be liable to pay for the provision of company car and car fuel benefit.

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The private fuel cost is calculated by multiplying the fuel benefit charge multiplier ( currently ) by the appropriate percentage used to calculate the car benefit charge for the chosen car, then multiplying by the marginal rate of tax. Note, the fuel benefit charge multiplier may be subject to change in future years so current year costs only can be calculated at this time.

Trade down values will be paid separately and are subject to tax and NI, this has not been taken into account in the Company Car cost total.

Annual PUC values and total costs may vary where your company policy requires PUC to be paid over a period less than the period of the vehicle contract.

NOTE: The tax values shown are based on the published vehicle information and tax rates applicable at the time of the quote and may be subject to change. Further guidance can be obtained from the HMRC website.

The benefit in kind values displayed above apply to all orders placed up to and including the 5th April. If your grade entitles you to receive a company car or cash alternative, the tax payable may change as a result of new benefit in kind legislation (excludes ultra low emission vehicles).

If your grade entitles you to receive a company car or cash alternative, your tax will be based on the higher of the cash alternative or the benefit in kind of your selected company car (excluding ultra low emission vehicles). To understand the benefit in kind payable download our BIK calculator.